Ajwa Dates

Original Madeenah Dates,Premium quality.

Organic A2 Desi Ghee

100% pure,Desi Ghee,great taste and Aroma.

Organic Buffalo Butter

100% pure,home made,Desi Buffalo Butter.

Organic Desi Buffalo Butter

Pure and Natural,home made ,great taste and Aroma.

Kalmi Premium Dates

Fresh Dates, premium quality, A Grade.

Kalmi/ Safawi Regular size

Regular size, fresh and good quality.

Natural Jaggery powder with coco flavour

Natural and healthy.

Premium Jaggery powder

100% Natural, premium quality.

Premium Natural Jaggery powder

💯 Natural , premium quality.

Natural Hair Wash Powder

Natural Hair Wash Powder with a blend of pure herbs.