30 Desi Eggs, Cage Free & Natural


One crate (30 Eggs) This product is for Bangalore specific location only – Available with us is 100% Desi or Country Eggs from Pure Nati / Country Hen’s which are free range or Cage free. With Natural feed.. Natural Hen’s are as nature intended it to be. (This is a rare stock, hence, kindly confirm with us on the stock availability @ 81 231 52 502)

Please read Specification, Description and Terms & Conditions for detailed information.


Product Name: 30 Eggs
Storage: Store in a cool and dry condition.
Country of Origin: Bangalore, India
Shelf Life: Best Before 15 Days.


Narashansa Organics proudly presents Desi Country Eggs. Sourced exclusively from free-range Desi Hen’s.

🥚 We deliver genuine Desi or Country Eggs, available exclusively for Bangalore-specific locations. Our eggs are from Pure Nati / Country Hens that are free-range and fed with natural feed. These natural hens are as nature intended them to be, providing you with authenticity and quality.

🔍 Beware of imitations! Many eggs that look similar to Desi / Nati eggs are not original. They are often from hens given unnatural feed and have modified DNA or . Avoid these:
❌ BV 380 Eggs / Organic / Brown eggs
❌ Giri Rani eggs
❌ Cross Breed Eggs
❌ Coloured Eggs

💡 Please see the Difference between organic Nati Desi hen eggs v/s similar Brown Eggs and their cost:

Brown eggs / BV 380: ₹10 per egg
Giri Rani: ₹10 per egg
Colored fake eggs: ₹6 per egg
Cross Breed: ₹7 per egg
Many of them lay eggs without a male partner after medical treatments like BV 380

Free range Mysore nati, Sonali, RIR, Kaveri, Suvarna nati are often called Nati Eggs: ₹12-15 per Egg. These are farm based Nati eggs, are considered healthy & available in less quantity.

🌿 Pure Desi hatching hen eggs are priced between ₹15-40 per egg, with natural feed and care.

🚚 Delivery is available mainly in North Bangalore for our valued customers. Additional charges may apply for delivery beyond our range.

Explore the purity, savor the taste, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Narashansa Organics.

Terms & Conditions

Net Weight: 30 Eggs
No Credits: Payment in advance before delivery.
Delivery: Available mainly in North Bangalore; extra charges may apply beyond our range.
Quality Assurance: Our commitment to providing pure and high-quality products is unwavering.
For any inquiries or assistance, reach out to us:

Phone: +918123152502
Email: narashansaorganics@gmail.com
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Customer Care Executive Phone: +91 8050160917

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