90 grams, Handmade Kesar Soap, Rose


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Saffron, Rose & Pure Kashmiri Honey Luxury Handmade Castile Soap.

Experience luxury with our 100% Organic Kashmir Saffron, Rose, and Pure Honey Soap from the heavenly land of Pampore, Kashmir.

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We’ve received 100% positive feedback and achieved 100% customer satisfaction across India with this soap..


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Store in a cool and dry condition.

Country of Origin: India

Best Before 6 Months from the date of Packing.


Handcrafted with Organic Saffron, Rose, Organic Raw Kashmiri Honey, and Nourishing Oils. It’s rich in almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, making it the best quality Saffron Castile Soap.


Elevate your daily bath to a super deluxe experience.
Achieve smooth and polished skin.
Attain a radiant complexion.
Improve body texture.
Say goodbye to harsh chemicals.
Benefit from the richness of oleic acid, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, which absorb quickly and allow the skin to breathe, transforming parched skin into soft, supple, and deeply nourished skin.
Immerse your body in ultimate radiance and enjoy a supple, smooth body. Buy this Handmade soap online and revel in long-lasting youthful glow.

A unique combination of natural exfoliating organic Kashmir Pampore Saffron, Kashmir Rose, Kashmir Honey, and nourishing oils.
Prepared traditionally, homemade, and laboratory-tested.
Developed with a unique process of saponification of olive and coconut oil.
Handmade with love, patience, and expertise.
Free from synthetic foaming agents like sulfate.
Curated with naturally derived fragrance.
Suitable for face and body.
Why We Should Avoid Commercial Soaps?

Chemical blend of ingredients.
Weak therapeutic value.
Prepared with a chemical-based saponification process.
Commercial soap loaded with harsh chemical foaming agents like sulfates.
Fortified with artificial colors and fragrances.

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