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How it’s made: Fresh cow’s milk, natural culturing, churned butter, and heating.

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Store in a cool and dry condition.

Country of Origin: India

Best Before 12 Months from date of Packing.


100% made using traditional Bilona method, from hand churned curd to butter and then finally the delicious ghee..

Try this fast selling Aromatic & Cultured village Cow Ghee, prepared by Bilona method from fresh Cows’ Milk. After milking & boiling the milk, then inoculated with a natural curd culture and kept overnight to make yoghurt. The yoghurt is then churned using a machine to separate natural cow butter. This cow butter is then heated to obtain pure & fresh Ghee. (This Cow Ghee is made from hand-churned curd, not cream and it is not industrial ghee)

This is also called as cultured ghee because the cream skimmed from the zero contact cow milk. It’s different because culture is added to this cream & it sits for overnight. This cream is then processed through the traditional method to acquire a naturally grainy / danedaar texture & aromatic ghee. Made in small batches to ensure freshness.

Milk produced by our Cows has A1 Beta Protein. It has a rich taste and high aroma. It’s a good source of energy and provides vitality to the human body. Our A1 Ghee is free from artificial preservatives, colors and synthetic fillers or binders. It’s 100% natural and made in small batches.

Benefits include:

Improves Digestion

Protects Arteries

Improves Metabolism

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Boosts Immunity

Approximate nutritional breakdown for 100 grams of A1 cow ghee:

Energy: 900 kcal
Total Fat: 100 grams
Saturated Fat: 61.9 grams
Monounsaturated Fat: 28.7 grams
Polyunsaturated Fat: 3.7 grams
Cholesterol: 256 mg
Vitamin A: 3069 IU
Vitamin E: 2.8 mg
Vitamin K: 8.6 mcg

Pure Cow ghee is known for its unlimited health benefits and medicinal uses. Village cow ghee is purely organic as it is made from milk of grass fed cows and is free from any kind of chemicals and preservatives. Cow ghee aids digestion, promotes metabolism and boosts immunity. It is also full of anti-oxidants. It contains saturated fats, K2, butyric acid and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). It is used as a nourishing oil for massage.

Ghee color ranges from golden yellow to cream yellow to off white and may differ due to changes in weather, feed, or variations in ghee making process, etc.

Granular Texture of ghee changes with weather conditions from liquid to soft to frozen in winters. While lying still the granules may settle at bottom.

Traditionally fed cows with grass and local herbs.

The calves are always fed milk before milking.

Terms & Conditions

*Net Weight: 500 GRAMS

*Pan India Free delivery.

*No Credits

*First Payments then Delivery

*Delivering satisfaction across India

*Premium Quality,

*Hassle Free Return Policy:

*Returns / exchange accepted if confirmed within 2 days after receiving the product

*This product cannot be returned for a refund or exchange once sealed is opened

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