What is A1 Milk & Why to Switch for A2 Cow’s Products?

What is A1 Milk & Why to Switch for A2 Cow’s Products?

Difference between Indian Cows Milk and Hybrid Cows Milk
are dairy cows udder is 5 to 6 times the size of their original counter parts. Which is abnormal, their udder almost touches the ground (mastitis). It is unhealthy for the cows and even humans consuming the milk which leads to severe consequences at a later stage such as heart diseases & diabetes.

A2 Cow’s or Zebu cattle for your milk requirements is we suggest to support a native farmer and indirectly supports the “healthy COW’s & Healthy YOU” by consuming the Milk & Milk products from Native Indian Cow Breeds which are natural breeds which are as good as nature intended it to be, with no commoditization and free from hormone & DNA based breeds.

Aslo, native farmers get good milk and manure. Dairy industries across the world are trying to make their cattle protein A2, whereas Indian policy makers are running far from it.

Lot of Indian breeds are also getting A1 beta casein protein trait because of cross breeding with imported breeds. A Vechur cow born to a cross-breed cow may produce A1 type of milk. .

I wish the day never comes when Indians have to only depend on western dairy farms or cross-breed zebu cattle for milk with A1 beta-Casein.

Milks including (Zebu A2 milk) is not good if it is homogenized, pasteurized, grain fed, antibiotic-fed or if growth-hormone loaded. There is no matching to raw, healthy grass fed for zebu cow’s milk.

Please stay tuned on our other posts on unhealthy practices of homogenization, pasteurization and other modern approaches to milk.

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