Date Milk Shake

Date Milk Shake

Homemade Date Milk Recipe That’s Definitely Delicious!

If you go to a supermarket in the beverage section, there must be various brands of date milk products sold, right?

Some people do not like to eat dates, so they get the benefits of this food by drinking date milk, date cookies or mixing date pieces into breakfast cereal.

Did you know that you can actually make your own date milk at home?

It’s cheaper, and the best is that you can produce it in large quantities. It is also safer because it is not mixed with preservatives.

Let’s see how to make date milk recipe.


10 dates (you can use Ajwa, Barni, Medjool, Noor or other dates).
1 cup warm water
2 cups full cream milk. Can also be replaced with low fat milk according to your taste.

Preparation method:

Split the dates and remove the seeds.
Soak the dates in a container filled with warm water and soak overnight.
You can replace warm water with hot water if you want to prepare date milk immediately. Just soak the dates for 20 minutes.
Put the dates and soaking water into the blender.
Pour in full fat milk or milk of your choice.
Grind all the ingredients until crushed.
Pour into a glass, you can put some ice if you like.
Or store in the refrigerator first.
You can also add some ingredients with the milk, such as honey, oats, almonds, bananas, milk powder or vanilla ice cream etc.

For breastfeeding mothers, you can save this homemade date milk because it is suitable to drink to increase the amount of milk.

Not forgetting for those of you who are on a diet, this date milk is also suitable to drink because it fills you up.

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